G-Land Info Forecast on Thursday August 2nd 2012

G-Land Info Forecast is the main website for share about g-land forecast today. Today August 2nd 2012 on Thursday with Swell 3,5 feat at 13 seconds and 214°. Look at the wind and temperature, today the wind at 6 mph and 144°- and the temperature sea 25°c and air 24°c with the weather condition is fair.

And how about the low and high tides? Let’s see…, today the high tides available on 9:08am with 2.4m and 9:57pm with 2.3m. And the low tides available on 3:06am with 1.1m and 3:37pm with 0.7m. The prediction about forecast today supported by MSW. For more information about Surf Forecast you can see on G-Land Website.

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