G-Land Report Today August 16th 2012

G-Land Report Today August 16th 2012

G-Land Bobby’s Surf Camp daily report for Surf Forecast Prediction. Surf report today August 16th 2012. Latest condition and today tide’ prediction of waves in g-land today using MSW UK Unit with swell 6 feat @ 14 seconds 208 degree. And about wind with 6 mph in -119 degree, offshore wind. Temperature in position 24 degree of celcius in sea and air.

How About G-Land tides’? The G-Land tide’s prediction is the highest tide’s in 5:00am-10:00am with 1,7m-2,2m and the low tide’s in 01:00pm-04:00pm with 0,4m-0,6m. First light on MSW in 5:09am and Last Light in 5:44pm with Sunrise in 5:30am and Sunset in 5:22pm. Highest tide’s on 8:18am 2.3m and 9:04pm 2.2m. Low tide’s on 2:16am 1.2m and 2:47pm 0.8m.

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