G-Land Surf Report and Weather Forecast March 10th 2014

Surf Forecast today at G-Land, the waves reaching 4-6 ft. The primary swell 5 ft at 14 s going SSW – 206.89 . The highest tide will be 1,8 m at 04.42 PM. The temperature for the Air is 28°c and the Sea 29°c.

G-Land Surf Report and Forecast November 2nd 2012

So for today November 2nd 2012 forecast and surf report, the primary swell 2.5 ft medium waves, the wind offshore and the weather sunny with temperature 30-31C. Highest tide is 2.1m at 10:48AM and 2.3m at 10:37PM. The lowest tide is 0.8m at 4:40AM and 1.1m at 4:29PM. The first light at 4:30AM and the sunrise is at 4:52AM, you can watch sunset 5:20PM and enjoying beer until or after the light out at 5:42PM.

So here is the hour by hour chart by MSW :

G-Land Surf Report and Forecast October 18th 2012

Latest conditions and today’s tides surf forecast from MSW using UK unit for G-Land, swell 5 ft @ 14 secs heading south south west with 210 degree. Gentle wind around 7-10 mph heading offshore south east 153 degree. Temperature is warm enough with 28 degree for the sea and 27 degree for the air.

The first light in 4:35 am and Last Light 5:39 pm. Sunrise in 4:56 am and Sunset in 5:18 pm. The high tides in 11.33 am with 2.2 m and 11:34 pm 2.4 m, The Lowest Swell on 5:22 am 0.8 m and 5:23 pm 1.1 m

Hour by hour forecast prediction by MSW: